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Tuesday, 29 May 2012


The MCM expo was exhausting and fun. Lots of people came by our table and bought my shit! Thankyou to those people, obviously. I've only been to a few different cons and MCM goes for the younger/anime-enthusiast demographic. As such it seems like a bit of a gamble as to whether people are going to buy anything. How much weirdness are the replica-gunblade-wielding, Naruto-headband-adorned masses going to be prepared to endure? I mean, what I do is hardly weird, but InuYasha it ain't. This makes it all the more heartening when people come up and are genuinely curious about the comics and the art.

That said, we actually had amazing table positions this year and we sold a ton of stuff. So thanks again to everyone involved.

I spoke to one or two other artists, too, not least among them Timothy who is always chipper but who I have a pretty hard time getting to accept my money. My girlfriend bought a comic from Will Kirkby (who I'm pretty sure I've got some stuff by) which is really well drawn, and I bought a book called The Jellyfish Prince by naniiebim which features an attractive girl in a swimsuit, which is also really well drawn and features an attractive girl in a swimsuit.

I also got introduced to Hemlock, which is, again, really well put together and has a charming Marc Hempel sorta style. I might actually go back and read it from issue 1, which is fairly rare for me in webcomics.

ALSO we launched OMNIPATHY #2 at the expo to considerable success! I think people were sometimes freaked out by the abrupt style-change over issue 1 to 2 (like, more than I expected), which was good to know. Here are some photos, anyway.

If you didn't manage to pick up a copy at the expo, don't fret, they'll be available soon.

I actually have a fair bit of other stuff on at the moment, but next week I might get a chance to start on issue three. It may or may not involve aliens. My target is to get two 15-page stories into the next one, so I have no idea how long it'll take. Stay tuned.

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