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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Autumn 2012 and Issue #3 Update

I know very few people look at this blog but I feel like this is pretty much the most "official" place for me to write about OMNIPATHY at the moment. This might actually be the last post I make here before I jump ship to tumblr where all the cool kids seem to be setting up shop. Once issue #3 is done I'm going to be promoting it a lot more than I've done in the past, and it seems like tumblr generally gets a lot more traffic than blogger these days, at least on art blogs. All the reposting stuff makes it seem like people can sort of spread the word on things.

I haven't been too forward on promoting OMNIPATHY outside of my facebook, twitter & blog yet because I have a real block about trying to promote something I don't think is up to my "standards" as a creator. This happened with my final film at university (which I still refuse to submit to anything despite people seeming to think it looks ok) as well as a handful of projects I've worked on but haven't worked up the courage to show people. I think the reason I have this mentality is because I want people to see me how they see my favourite artists - as confident and consistent. Consistency is something I've never found easy in art, because I'm lazy and opportunistic in the way I make things.

With OMNIPATHY, especially issues #2 and #3, I feel like I'm fighting this. It feels like one of the few things I do that's very much me, and I hope I can get it out there and get people to like it as a result. Even if they don't, I don't mind. The fact that I've kept the same name without changing it is a pretty huge thing by itself! 

But, yeah! Enough of me telling you how inexplicably proud I am of my own work. The main point of this post is that work on issue #3 is well under way now - but unfortunately it won't be done for the October MCM Expo in a few weeks, so I'm not booking a table this year.

For the last year I've managed to use the MCM expo as a place to "launch" comics, and the fact that they're bi-annual meant I'd hoped to keep coming back and launching new comics at each one. But I actually don't spend even half of my time making comics (I make them in a stupid laborious way so they take ages) - I spend most of my time doing animation work for people who pay me money. So when the expo comes around each half-year I try and leave myself a month or two beforehand to write and produce a comic, and if I do it that way then it ALWAYS comes out rushed. I spend the bare minimum on character design and writing - and even though I'm sort of pleased with the stories in issue #1 and #2, I think it's pretty obvious they're rushed to shit. 

I don't want to keep working like that, so instead of rushing to get a sub-par comic out for the October Expo I'm just going to work on it some more, and make it really good. I'm not booking a table because it feels like admitting defeat if I go back there without anything new to sell.

SO to conclude our main points: I am a whiny artist lacking in both talent and confidence; I'm not at the MCM Expo this October; do please consider shelling out the modest fee for any or all of the current issues. Keep watching the skies.

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