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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Again, long time no talk! Issue #3 is slowly crawling along. I'm working on the second story now, but here's a panel I like from the first.

I was actually marginally irritated when I saw how good a job they did with the opening sequence of the new Hobbit movie where the dragon comes and wrecks shit because I thought people might draw comparisons with this dragon-based story I did. I actually took a lot of inspiration from David Wenzel's graphic novel  adaptation, which is really nicely done.

I think the best dragon stories are the ones that show brains (or at least dexterity) winning over brawn, and as with a lot of fantasy J. R. R. provides a pretty good archetype for this. As for my story - think The Hobbit meets... Inglorious Basterds or something. INTERESTING HUH?

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